Pimp That Strat


Nearly two years in the making, "Pimp That Strat" takes an entertaining look at the various ways in which an electric guitar can be customized. Rather than looking at just one or two aspects of customizing a guitar, a complete rebuild is undertaken culminating in a rather wild paint job!

For this project, a cheap Stratocaster™ copy is used as the starting point. Although lacking in finesse and quality of components fitted, the wood and general shape are of a fairly good standard and a good base for the rebuild.

Included in the rebuild is, on the neck, a complete refret, new inlays, locknut and tuning machines. On the body a new Kahler tremolo bridge is installed together with a completely new set of electronics featuring 3 humbucking pickups, one of which is the size of a single coil pickup.

For the paint job, a punk-style Union Jack design was chosen which covers how different layers are masked followed by finishing off with a clear lacquer top layer.

There are few specialist skills needed in order to customize an electric guitar so this work can be undertaken by anybody who has the time and patience to carefully work through the various tasks required. Even the skills required to master the electronics such as soldering can be easily learnt and this video shows these techniques in detail.

Spray painting the guitar is a technique which again can be learnt if no previous experience has been gained. The equipment required is relatively inexpensive and as an alternative disposable or refillable aerosols can be used.

Many of the tools used can be sourced quite cheaply either new or second hand and with a little initiative some of the few specialist tools used can be easily made.

Simply viewed as a documentary this video provides an insight into how the different parts of an electric guitar work together and how they can be altered to make a much more exciting instrument.

With over 50 pieces of music written especially for this video, it can be watched just as a general interest entertainment documentary

Rock & Roll!

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