A Complete Custom Electric Guitar Build


This is the first DVD of its kind to hit the market! We all know that Brian May built his own electric guitar (and what a success that was!), well this is how one builder, over a three year period, revisited his 1980s guitar building experiences and made a guitar using a cherry tree from his own garden. The resulting DVD, which lasts for nearly 3½ hours, is an enthralling, educational and inspirational watch for young and old alike. Everything is shown from cutting down the cherry tree through to playing through an amplifier.

The DVD takes you on a 3½ hour journey through the entire process of building a solid body electric guitar. There are things in the process which you would have never imagined! The show whizzes along with some great music (better than hearing the various noises from the tools) and special guest appearances from the resident cat, Snake.

Apart from being an enthralling watch, it is inspirational and educational in many ways. The added bonus is that at the end of it you will have seen how an electric guitar is made and could take this knowledge on to build your own, repair or maintain a guitar, or know that you should never attempt to build one! Or simply just be fascinated by the show and appreciate what goes into the process!

A wonderful 16 page colour booklet is included in the package - much more then the single slip of paper (if you're lucky!) often included with DVDs.

If you are asking how to build a guitar or how to build an electric guitar this DVD shows how the parts of an electric guitar fit together to make the instrument we know and love. Perhaps you are looking for guitar building plans, well this DVD shows the whole process of electric guitar building and although plans aren't included, it shows how you arrive at all the important measurements to achieve your own design. Yes, this is a custom electric guitar design so you will be encouraged to make a custom electric guitar body but you could make a traditional design such as a Stratocaster, Les Paul or Telecaster, to name just 3. Maybe you're a fan of Brian May and want to tackle a Red Special design, well once you've watched this DVD you should be well equipped to tackle the project.

The DVD also shows how and electric guitar neck is made. If you are looking to start with a build your own electric guitar kit then this DVD give you plenty of background on how to put it together and set it up properly. Also shown is how to do pearl inlay, make, cut and fret a fretboard, and how to solder electronics.

There's nothing else like this available anywhere, so we are proud to say this a unique DVD to be enjoyed by all the family!

Rock & Roll!

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